OurOldNavy.com is best viewed at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution

If the graphics and text overlap on your screen,
follow the steps below to correct the problem.

Windows Users

STEP 1: Right-mouse-click on the Desktop; "Display Properties" will appear.
STEP 2: Select the "Settings" tab.
STEP 3: The "Screen resolution" slide bar will state how many pixels are displayed.

OurOldNavy.com was designed to be viewed at 1024x768

By moving the slide tab left or right you will increase or decrease your desktop area accordingly.

STEP 4: Select 1024x768 pixel size setting in the area labeled "Screen Resolution".  The new pixel size will be displayed immediately under the bar.

Select "Apply" in lower right hand corner.   Windows will give you a message, "Windows will now change your display settings...."  Select "ok".

Your PC will now restart with the new pixel settings.  Windows will ask you, "You have changed your display settings.  Do you want to keep these settings?"

If all appears correct, select "Yes".

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