Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle Of Leyte Gulf

Painting by VC-10 fighter pilot Joseph McGraw

The above painting is by VC-10 fighter pilot Joseph McGraw. The painting depicts the fifth enemy aircraft that he shot down during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

As fought from the air by the men of
Composite Squadron VC-10,

The heroic surface engagements by ships of TAFFY-3 against the Central Force of Japanese Admiral Kurita, have been well reported in numerous books, and TV documentaries. Previously untold in graphic descriptions, by the pilots, are the activities of the Composite Air Squadrons of the three Taffy's. They were involved in vicious air attacks on the Japanese fleet and numerous dog fights with Japanese aircraft from many air fields in  the Philippines, from October 24th thru October 27th. The detailed unvarnished report by the men who made it happen from the air, is now yours to read and know.


USS Gambier Bay and VC10 return to the Philippines

A Filipino Honor Guard aboard the Philippines ship RPS Mt. Samat, offers a final salute

A Filipino Honor Guard aboard the Philippines ship RPS Mt. Samat, offers a final salute.

On October 12, 1977, survivors of the USS Gambier Bay, VC-10 and their families returned to the Philippines to honor their missing and deceased that vanished during their last battle. Their last battle was one that took on the largest and fiercest of the Japanese Navy. Many men were lost and many swam in the shark infested waters for days before being rescued. From joyous celebrations to painful memories, their journey back to the Philippines was filled with many emotions.

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